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Building Hasura v2.0.8

This is a quick update to/errata list for Building the Hasura GraphQL Engine, as I recently built GraphQL Engine v2.0.8 locally and found a couple of things have changed:

Cabal project structure change

cabal.project.freeze now lives at the top level of the Git repository, not inside server/. You’ll need to grep it for GHC/Cabal versions instead of server/cabal.project.freeze (which no longer exists).

MySQL client library build shenanigans

Something having to do with the mysql dependency has changed, and the cabal v2-build process complains that it can’t find my Homebrew-installed OpenSSL library. Thanks to haskell/cabal#2997, the workaround requires modifying the cabal.project file in the top level of the project:

diff --git a/cabal.project b/cabal.project
index c7f79ed63..61f39635c 100644
--- a/cabal.project
+++ b/cabal.project
@@ -59,6 +59,10 @@ source-repository-package
   tag: 7c0cea45d0b779419eb16177407c4ee9e7ba4c6f

+package mysql
+  extra-include-dirs: /usr/local/opt/openssl/include
+  extra-lib-dirs: /usr/local/opt/openssl/lib
 package odbc
   ghc-options: -Wwarn
   -- Our CI compiles with -Werror, which is also applied to those packages

Thanks to this file change, the local repository is now in a dirty state, and the resulting binary will tell the browser to load console assets from instead of This, of course, 404s. In order to make the build think the repository state is clean, we need to commit the changes and move the version tag to the new commit. And just to make things ever so slightly more complicated, the repository contains a pre-commit hook, so we need to commit with --no-verify so that doesn’t run:

$ # Make the requisite changes to cabal.project:
$ $EDITOR cabal.project
$ git commit --no-verify --message "Bodging in extra MySQL dependency paths."
$ git tag --force v2.0.8

Good to go

Then you can cd server && cabal v2-update && cabal v2-build as before.

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